Best places to go!

Towns and locations

Best places to go!

Every town in Mariagerfjord has their own little perks and the area is full of great adventures and places to explore – like Rold Skov, Mariager Fjord and the east coast. Here’s something for everyone.

Mariager – The City of Roses

Mariager is a charming city with crooked houses, cobblestoned streets and timber framed houses romantically adorned with roses. Mariager is known for its beautiful and old streets, but also for the impressive abbey church, the Rose Garden and the several exciting attractions like the old V...

Hobro – Homestead of the Vikings

Hobro is a city of art, culture and exciting history. Hobro is homestead of the Vikings and there has been made several archeological founds from the Viking age. At Vikingecenter Fyrkat you can see a reconstruction of a Viking village and several times during the year, you can meet “real” ...

Øster Hurup and ”The Good Life”

Photo: Steen, Det Gode Liv Øster Hurup

Øster Hurup is a city with a pulse during the summer. Here you’ll find several activities and nature experiences for the entire family – and a lot of fun events, that just make your vacation even better. Go to one of the many Friday-concerts, flea markets, car camps or enjoy a nice breakfast at “Meet the Locals” and get some inspiration for your holiday.

Øster Hurup is where you live “The Good Life”.

Hadsund - the city by the bridge

Find all the great attractions, restaurants and accommodation in Hadsund here!

Als, Als Odde & Helberskov

Als, Als Odde and Helberskov, is the south east corner of Himmerland and it is a historical oasis and a good base for a family hiliday in peacefull sorroundings - But there are still easy access to the pulsating holiday life in Øster Hurup. Als Odde is the south eastern corner of Himmer...

Absolutely unique nature…

Dania is truly worth a visit
See the Yellow Houses, which is a bit similar to “Nyboder” in Copenhagen.

Photo: VisitNordjylland