Havørred fra Mariager Fjord
Seatrout Mariagerfjord

– go fishing in Mariager Fjord

Seatrout Mariagerfjord - lystfiskeri ved Mariager Fjord

If you were “hoping” for a chance encounter with a monster Great White you’ll probably end up disappointed. In fact you’re not going to need a bigger boat but we do recommend that you equip yourself with plenty of catch bags. Mariager fjord offers some of the best trout fishing in Europe.

The trout here take advantage of an ample food supply and as such are well-nourished bordering on obese. Sea trout in Danish is often called “silverware” owing to their splendid silver top and even more silvery bottom. It is safe to say that Mariager Fjord trout should be upgraded from “silver” to pure gold for that reason alone. The trout in Mariager Fjord have a unique combination of red, brown and gold shades. And they appear in such vast numbers that makes trout fishing in Mariager Fjord something unique not only in Denmark but in all of Europe.

Mariager Fjord holds an impressive rich trout population along with a variety of other species.

On this site you can find inspiration, tricks, fishing spots around Mariager Fjord and other great information for trout fishing in Mariager Fjord. You can also visit our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/seatroutmariagerfjord – here you can share your stories and catches.

Enjoy your fishing and scenic surroundings in Denmark’s most beautiful fjord.


Good luck!

Fishing spots around Mariager Fjord

Get an overview of the many fishing hotspots – read more about them and see their location.

protected zones

Find out if you are close to a protected area, download the app and much more. Havørred.com is a very good website and app that makes it a bit easier for you to get an overview of the protected areas.

Mariager Fjord

Mariager Fjord is known as the most beautiful fjord in Denmark. The fjord also contains a large number of well-nourished trout, which makes fishing in...

Glenstrup Lake

Glenstrup Lake Glenstrup Lake is 4-5 kilometers east to west making it very senistive to wind. Along the lake, you'll find three points enabling b...

Other attractive fishing spots in Mariagerfjord

Other places to fish in the area of Mariagerfjord, fx the coast and some streams.

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The four seasons for fishing

Become wiser in the different seasons of angling at Mariager Fjord

The different fish species in the fjord

There’s much more than just seatrout in Mariager Fjord – read more about the other fish here.

Seatrout Mariagerfjord Magaszine

Read the magazine by clicking here. Or get the magazine at one of the Tourist Information Offices in Mariager and Øster Hurup.

Tricks, tools and equipment for fishing

Fishing in Mariager Fjord do not require a lot, when it comes to fishing equipment and tools. But good equipment and the right outfit is non the less an important element for great fishing.

Laws and restrictions for fishing

When fishing, there is a lot of laws and rules that has to be respected – both written rules as well as the unwritten. Make sure to respect and protect the nature and follow the signs you pass on your way.

Put & Takes in Mariagerfjord area

Volstrup Fiskepark (Put & Take)

Volstrup Fishing Park (Put&Take) is a nice and well-kept fishing lake, with maintained facilities suitable for the entire family.  The lake is free of ice all year round, and it has an adjoining heated cottage with toilets, cleaning table and parking.  Fishing licences are bought by...

Revsbæk Put & Take

Revsbækvej 8, 9560 Hadsund Tlf. 98 57 24 21

Medestedet Put&Take

Milmosevej 2A, 9510 Arden Tlf. 40 25 92 80 / 20 24 92 75