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Mariager Fjord

SUP Mariager Fjord

There is a reason that Mariager Fjord is known to be the most beautiful fjord in Denmark. There’s beauty everywhere you go and the fjord has the perfect settings for outdoor activities. The steady water gives you some great opportunities for taking the family out for a sailing trip, that can be combined with other fun activities like spending a night in the nature.   

The wonderful east coast by Kattegat and Øster Hurup has also some great settings for having a good time doing outdoor activities like kayaking, Stand Up Paddling, kitesurfing etc.

Activities on water!

Mariagerfjord Kayak Rental

Most people wish to try it, most haven’t - but everyone can! Mariager Fjord is perfect for Kayaking. In the shallow waters, sheltered by the high slopes, great nature experiences await both beginners and experienced kayakers.

Kayak and SUP in Øster Hurup

Going to the beach in the summer time is always nice - especially if the sun is shining and the temperature is right on point. The shallow water at...

Hadsund Dinghy Rental

Do you want to go sailing on the Mariager fjord? Then rent a yawl at Hadsund Jolleudlejning. We let 12-foot Pioner yawls type approved by Norwegian v...

Aalborg Outdoor - rental of outdoor equipment and trip-organizer

Aalborg Outdoor is a company with a team of experts, that are ready to give you an amazing outdoor-experience. The team is ready to make the perfect outdoor-activity and events suited your needs and interests. Several times during the year, Aalborg Outdoor has some events, where you can...

Get inspiration for more water activities…

Kanogården (canoeing vacation)

Kanogården Bed & Breakfast at Skals Å Kanogården is perfect for a weekend stay or the annual family reunion! Kanogården is situated at the stream of “Skals Å”  and it is surrounded by wonderful nature - and offers plenty of space and possibilities! If You are an angler, Kanogården has...

The Blue trails (De Blå stier)

Read the magazine about “De blå stier” on Mariager Fjord right here. In the magazine you’ll find maps, distances, places to load the kayak, places to have a break, accommodation and the attractions and places to see alongside the fjord. The magazine is only available in Danish.

Seatrout Mariagerfjord

Mariager Fjord is known for being the most beautiful fjord in Denmark – but that’s not all. Mariager Fjord is also known for containing a large number of well-nourished seatrouts which makes the place perfect for fishing. Do you love to go fishing and can’t wait to throw the line in the wa...