Klatring i skoven ved Hobro

Outdoor experiences in mariagerfjord

Panoramaruten -et hvil med smuk udsigt

Whether you want to go sailing, fishing, hiking or biking – Mariagerfjord has it all!

Get some inspiration for an active holiday here. Maybe you would like to bike all the way around Mariager Fjord on The Route 32 or hop in a kayak and just enjoy the beautiful surroundings from the waterside. There are plenty of opportunities.

In summertime there are also several guided tours – both on land and at sea, as well as a lot of outdoor activities on the beach in Øster Hurup.

Outdoor experiences for all…

Hiking routes and great nature experiences

Explore the beautiful nature by Mariager Fjord, by the east coast and in Rold Skov by trying some of the many hiking routes there is in the area. You are guaranteed to get in touch with nature, calm down and get wonderful nature experiences.

Mariager Fjord – the perfect place for watersport

Mariager Fjord is truly a perfect place when it comes to practicing watersport. Try kayaking in the shallow waters, sheltered by the high slopes and just take it all in. Great nature experiences await you.

Angling at Mariager Fjord

Mariager Fjord is known having world class fishing water. The fjord is a perfect place for fishing for seatrout. Do you love to go fishing and can’t wait to throw the line in the water? Then come to Mariager Fjord – here’s fishing water in world class!

Biking in beautiful surroundings and going around the fjord

In the area by Mariager Fjord there are several great bicycle routes. Try “The Biking Route 32” that takes you all the way around Mariager Fjord, Hærvejen (The Ancient Road) or try The Villestrup Å-route.

Rold Skov - outdoor oplevelser for alle

Rold Skov byder på så mange oplevelser for store og små i den smukke skov. Her er både cykelruter, MTB spor, vandreruter og meget mere.

Golf-oplevelser der imponerer!

By Mariager Fjord there are three very beautiful and competent courses, where you can play golf. Do you like playing golf, then go visit the area of Mariagerfjord.

Horses and horseback riding

Horseback riding Do you know anything more beautiful than experiencing the nature and its lovely forests or windy waters from the back of a horse? The possibilities are endless in Mariagerfjord, but before you go in to nature there are a few things that are good to know. To the right, we...

Harbors by Mariager Fjord and the east coast

Mariager Fjord and the east coast has about 10 unique and charming harbors – all worth a visit whether you’re arriving from the waterside or by car, bicycle etc. All the harbors have different facilities and a great atmosphere. Find all the har

Enjoying the wonderful nature...

Østerskoven i Hobro

In the forest of "Østerskoven", the trees are large and majestic. The forest is a hilly terrain situated close to Mariager Fjord. The paths are well maintained and perfect for taking a walk in the nature, where You can enjoy the natural charm of both the forest and Mariager Fjord at the sa...

Bramslev Bakker

Bramslev Bakker is a 300 hectares preserved area right by Mariager Fjord, with access through marked paths. The view from the parking place at Bramslev Bakker is one of the most spectacular sights in Nothern Jutland. The steep slopes are an abrupt distinction from the more level and higher...

Lille Vildmose – a nature area

Lille Vildmose, with an area of over 7,600 hectares, is Denmark’s largest protected natural area. It’s larger than Fanø in the Wadden Sea. You can investigate the Vildmose area, on the edge of the Kattegat and just south of the Limfjord, on foot and bicycle, and by bus and car. Some of De...

Much more outdoor...

Are you crazy about outdoor activities? Here you can find inspiration for outdoor accommodation and fun activities for the entire family in the nature.

Shelter and camping sites in Mariagerfjord

Do something different and go on a very cheap holiday, by spending the night in one of the area’s many shelters or in a tent at one of the campsites. Get the ultimate nature experience and get even closer to the nature.

The beautiful beaches with shallow water

In the fjord and by the coastline you can find many wonderful and beautiful beaches. Øster Hurup actually has the most child friendly beaches in Denmark.

The Floating Shelter in Hobro

Do you want to spend a night on rolling water and wake up in the most beautiful surroundings? On Mariager Fjord you can spend a night (or more) in a ...

Geocaching in Mariagerfjord

GeoCaching is a fun activity for the whole family. It is unique way to learn about and experience nature, history and geography.   GeoCachin...

Natur Expedition Kit

The route is set and the backpack is packed... Invite your whole family on a "Nature Expedition" in the lovely natural areas of Mariagerfjord. At the...

Sleep-in-the-Forest Hammocks

Rent a backpack with hammocks, bring a sleeping bag and bonfire equipment - and get an unforgettable and alternative holiday experience in the beautif...