Havne Hop i Mariager Fjord

The Mariager Fjord Ticket - From harbour to harbour

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Giong from harbour to harbour at Mariager Fjord is a great way to create enjoyable memories

Going from harbour to harbour at Mariager Fjord

Go sailing and visit more than one harbour in Mariager Fjord. With just one ticket you can choose to stay for 3-5 nights – in one or several harbours by the fjord. Get 3 nights for DKK 375,- or 4 nights for DKK 500,-. The 5th night is for free.

Have you ever visited Mariager Fjord by boat? Then you already know how wonderful the nature surroundings are. If you haven’t? Then what are you waiting for?

Mariager Fjord is known for being the most beautiful fjord in Denmark with its lovely bays, small islands and impressive slopes – and of course the many charming cities surrounding the fjord which each has exciting experiences waiting for you.


Sail through Mariager Fjord and get enjoyable memories on your vacation – at sea and on shore.



The Mariager Fjord Ticket – where to use it? 

The sailing clubs in Mariager Fjord have teamed up with a new initiative that will make it easy and convenient for guest sailors to have a wonderful vacation on the fjord – the initiative is called The Mariager Fjord Ticket.

With The Mariager Fjord Ticket, you can stay for three, four or five nights in as many marinas in the fjord as you like. The involving sailing clubs are Hadsund Baadelaug, Hadsund Sailing Club, Kongsdal Baadlaug, Mariager Sailing Club, Vive Sailing Club, Høllet Baadlaug, Hobro Sailing Club and Hobro Fiskeri- and Baadlaug.

The ticket can easily be bought online and thereafter be used in the sailing-season 2020. Find the ticket-link below and choose whether to buy a ticket for 3 nights or 4-5 nights.


The prices for The Mariager Fjord Ticket

With The Mariager Fjord Ticket you can pay for either 3 nights or 4-5 nights. The prices are very favorable and you can get 3 nights for the price of DKK 375,- and 4 nights for DKK 500,-. Wanna stay an extra night? Then you can get the 5th night for free.

The prices include electricity, water, bath facilities and free use of the club houses and their facilities.

Buy The Mariager Fjord Ticket here…

The Mariager Fjord Ticket – 3 nights

Go sailing in Mariager Fjord and experience more of the most beautiful fjord in Denmark. Get 3 nights in the harbours of your choice.

The Mariager Fjord Ticket – 4-5 nights

Go sailing in Mariager Fjord and experience more of the most beautiful fjord in Denmark. Get 4 or 5 nights in the harbours of your choice.

The Mariager Fjord Ticket – how does it work?

When you have bought the ticket online, you will receive a booking confirmation with a unique booking number. You’ll have to bring the booking number when arriving to the harbour/harbours that you’d like to stay at. When you reach the harbour you go to the harbour office and get a piece of paper, that you have to fill out with your booking number among other information. Afterwards you return the paper to the office. 

Not all harbours has a harbour office, but at those that don’t, the paper will be available in another way. Probably close to a mailbox, where you can put the paper in, when you have written your information on it. 

Arriving to the next harbour – the procedure will be the same. You fill out a new form with your unique booking number and information.


Going sailing on Mariager Fjord

When sailing into Mariager Fjord and leaving Kattegat, you’ll have to use chart number “110 Mariagerfjord”. In the first part of your sailing trip into the fjord, you are sailing into a dug, and should be aware of this. Be careful and sail in between the markings. Fortunately the fjord is very well-marked with floating markings. Once you have passed Dania (by the old cement factories) there is plenty of water – up to 30 meters. 

When entering the fjord (10.24E) you have a few miles before reaching the fjord opening. When passing the fjord opening at Als Odde, you will see ditches and windmills by the Overgaard Estate on your left. Going further into the fjord you will pass some small islands surrounded by shallow water and maybe see some waders and other birds. After sailing about one and a half hour you will reach the first harbour, Hadsund Baadlaug. The small harbour is originally an old fishing port and is located just before reaching the bridge in Hadsund. The Hadsund Bridge is the only bridge crossing the fjord.

Continuing your journey into the fjord you’ll have to pass the bridge. Call the watchman on the bridge on ”VHF kanal12” or by phone +45 9857 1214 and get informed on when the bridge will open.

After passing the bridge you will find the next harbour - Hadsund Lystbådehavn on your right. Here you can get fuel for your boat. The tank is self-serviced and accessible at all time.

The journey now continues through the gutter to Kongsdal Baadelaug, which is located on your left after 1 hour of sailing. Going further into the fjord you’ll find Vive Baadlaug on your right – almost at the same point as Kongsdal Harbour – just on the other side of the fjord. When you are halfway through the fjord you will reach Mariager Harbour on your left and Høllet Baadlaug on your right, which is located in an idyllic bay.

Reaching the inner part of the fjord you will have Hobro Harbour on you right side and Hobro Fishing- and Baadlaug on your left.


The association of marinas in Mariager Fjord are looking forward to welcoming you to the most beautiful fjord in Denmark.