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Art, Culture and the history of Mariagerfjord

In Mariagerfjord the cultural history means a lot and it is very important that both adults and children learn about it in an exciting and educational way.

The beautiful nature surrounding Mariager Fjord has always been a sourch of inspiration for many artists and craftsmen. The area is loaded with inspirational artists, cultural experiences and galleries, all worth a visit!  

The area of Mariagerfjord has a long history that goes several centuries back in time. The past is still present in Mariager, which is a city full of history and culture – here you’ll find the church, the convent and the streets and buildings that will give you an idea of how old the city is. Are you headed towards Hobro, you can’t escape the Vikings and the history and knowledge there is about this particularly time of history. 

Go and explore – there is a lot to see!

Galleries and art

Water and nature is something that has always been an inspiration for people with creativity in mind – this is also the case in Mariagerfjord. Find all the galleries and exhibitions here.


Here you’ll find the most exciting galleries in the area – KunstBoxen, Gallery Halmtorvet and Gallery Højbjerg & Simmelsgaard is some of the galleries that are difinitely worth a visit!


A tour of the Kunstetagerne is always a good experience. Here you'll find art from some of Denmark's most acclaimed artists. On your tour through th...


Hvirvelkærgård is definitely a place worth visiting A place full of crafts, clothing and delicious specialties - all of the highest quality. Throug...

Crafts and exhibitions

Here you’ll find the places where some of the local inspirational crafts and art exhibitions.

The Rud Thygesen ARCHIVE, Hobro

Rud Thygesen was a well-known architect who designed a lot of ”famous” furniture. His work is known among both Danish people as well as many foreigner...

C for Culture

In the cities there are a lot of culture like museums, culture houses, theater and much more. The culture in the cities is a big part of the life of the inhabitants and visitors.

The museums

There are all kinds of museums in the area – here’s both the GASmuseum, a salt museum and the only Minisum in Denmark.

Culture Centre

In the area you’ll find several culture centers that are used for events like art exhibitions, concerts and much more.

Himmerlands Teater (The theater of Himmerland)

Himmerlands Teater is a nice little theater which is beautiful located on the harbor in Hobro. The theater has several shows during the year – both self-produced shows and guest performances.

Architecture and buildings

There are a lot of great architecture in the area, read about some of it here.


It is not only the church in Mariager, there is worth visiting. The area has a lot of unique and beautiful churches – all with their own remarkable history.

Castles and manors

There are several beautiful castles in the area – they are all a virtue of the great history of Denmark where noblemen, duchess and countesses where a part of the daily life.

Cultural history in Mariagerfjord

Mariagerfjord is an area with a lot of exciting cultural history and the landscape surrounding the fjord is also full of remains from the past. We have gathered all the thrilling stories and remains from the area here.

The church, convent and history of Mariager

Mariager is a city with a lot of great history. Get to know more about the cultural history by visiting the church and convent, take a stroll in the old streets, visit Hohøj and Mariager Museum which is all the of history, ready for you to explore.

The Vikings are coming!

As you may know, Hobro is homestead of the Vikings. Several times during the year, you can experience a lot of Viking activities in the city. Most of them are taking place at Vikingecenter Fyrkat, but there are also things happening other places in the area. Every year during the first ...

Ancient monuments and the past life

Get to know more about what once where. Make a visit to Hohøj, Kongehøjen or some of the old passage graves in Snæbum.