Rosenhaven i Mariager
The city of roses



Mariager is a charming city with crooked houses, cobblestoned streets and timber framed houses romantically adorned with roses. Mariager is known for its beautiful and old streets, but also for the impressive abbey church, the Rose Garden and the several exciting attractions like the old Veteran Railroad, the Tourboat Svanen, Mariager Saltcenter etc.

Experience the city of Roses, Mariager

When going to Mariager, it is nice to know where to sleep, what to eat and of course what to explore in the city. We have gathered all the information that you need to make your vacation the best vacation ever.

Attractions in Mariager

There are many attractions in Mariager, e.g. Mariager Saltcenter,Svanen and The Veteran Railroat

Accommodations in Mariager

Sleep tight in The City of Roses, Mariager where you’ll find hotel and an Inn, B&B, camping site etc

Restaurants and cafés in Mariager

In Mariager there are several places to have a nice meal. Here are some of the restaurants and cafés

Rosenhaven - the Rose Garden in Mariager

Here, visitors can enjoy the sight of no less than 400 different species of roses amongst around 800 plants. Rosenhaven contains roses of all sizes, colours and scents from all over the world. There are ancient roses, as well as the latest trends in roses. The shrub rose, Rosa X Sancta,...

The "Svanen" Cruises

Experience the area from the seaside Treat yourself to an unforgettable trip on the “paddle steamer” Svanen on the beautiful Mariager Fjord. Svanen sails all summer from Mariager , Bramslev Bakker , Hobro and Hadsund - combine your tour as you wish. Beverages and light meals can b...

The Hohøj burial mound

1 km east of Mariager is the large Bronze Age barrow 'Hohøj'. As it is in itself 12 m high and has a diameter of 72 m it is the absolutely biggest bur...

Art and galleries

​​​​​​​In Mariager there are several great art galleries, all with various art and crafts.

Shopping in Mariager

Wanna go shopping in Mariager? The charming little town has several exciting shops

Mariager Yachting Harbour

Mariager’s relation to the most beautiful fjord in Denmark is in many ways unique. The fjord is named after Mariager – and it is not even located at the inner part of the fjord, which is the case of other cities in Eastern Jutland (Randers, Horsens, and Vejle). At the same time Mariager ci...

Mariager Church

Mariager Abbey church was built in connection with the Bridgettine abbey in the last half of the 15th century and as a house of worship towers above the other buildings. Today the remnants of the abbey have been converted into a registry office and may only be viewed from the outside. (T...