Rosenhaven i Mariager
The city of roses



Mariager is a charming city with crooked houses, cobblestoned streets and timber framed houses romantically adorned with roses. Mariager is known for its beautiful and old streets, but also for the impressive abbey church, the Rose Garden and the several exciting attractions like the old Veteran Railroad, the Tourboat Svanen, Mariager Saltcenter etc.

Experience the city of Roses, Mariager

When going to Mariager, it is nice to know where to sleep, what to eat and of course what to explore in the city. We have gathered all the information that you need to make your vacation the best vacation ever.

Attractions in Mariager

There are many attractions in Mariager, e.g. Mariager Saltcenter,Svanen and The Veteran Railroat

Accommodations in Mariager

Sleep tight in The City of Roses, Mariager where you’ll find hotel and an Inn, B&B, camping site etc

Restaurants and cafés in Mariager

In Mariager there are several places to have a nice meal. Here are some of the restaurants and cafés

Rosenhaven - the Rose Garden in Mariager

Here, visitors can enjoy the sight of no less than 400 different species of roses amongst around 800 plants. Rosenhaven contains roses of all sizes, colours and scents from all over the world. There are ancient roses, as well as the latest trends in roses. The shrub rose, Rosa X Sancta, w...

Mariager Church

Mariager Abbey church was built in connection with the Bridgettine abbey in the last half of the 15th century and as a house of worship towers above the other buildings. Today the remnants of the abbey have been converted into a registry office and may only be viewed from the outside. (The...

Mariager centrum

Mariager is a charming old town dated from about 1400, with attractive old half-timbered houses, cobbled streets, street lamps and roses. A beautiful ...

Art and galleries

​​​​​​​In Mariager there are several great art galleries, all with various art and crafts.

"The Holy Birgitta"

The Holy Birgitta or Birgitta of Vadstena as she was also called, early on decided to dedicate her life to serve God and help people in need – and at ...

The park at Munkholm – Mariager

For a hundred years, the park at Munkholm was the citizens of Mariager’s favoured destination for excursions. The park offers visitors attractive natu...

The long journey of salt

By Mariager Fjord you’ll find the only place left in Denmark where we still obtain salt from the Danish underground. The salt factory Akzo Nobel in Da...

Mariager Yachting Harbour

Mariager’s relation to the most beautiful fjord in Denmark is in many ways unique. The fjord is named after Mariager – and it is not even located at t...

Shopping in Mariager

Wanna go shopping in Mariager? The charming little town has several exciting shops

CittaSlow Mariager

The 2nd CittaSlow city in Denmark In 2013 Mariager was admitted in the exclusive international CittaSlow society – among other cities with a special historical soul. In CittaSlow the focus is on history and authenticity, local quality food and sustainability etc.  CittaSlow is “The Good ...

Mariager Tourist Information Office

Mariager Tourist Information Office is situated in the former Town Hall at the heart of the cosy and idyllic town of Mariager. We can assist you with any kind of information on Mariager and the beautiful area around Denmark’s most beautiful fjord – Mariager Fjord.     Feel free to visit ou...