Kajakker på Mariager Fjord

Inspiration til din ferie Mariagerfjord

Mariager - Torvet, Museet og Himmerig Plads

Going around Mariager Fjord you will find beautiful nature areas with big forests, hiking routes, lakes and a bunch of great opportunities for having a wonderful time in the nature. Here you’ll find activities for everyone – whether you are into culture, golf or just want to be impressed by the breathtaking landscape. 

Places to eat and accommodation

Here you’ll find inspiration for accommodation and restaurants, cafés etc.

Attractions and places to see

In Mariagerfjord there are a lot to explore! Here you’ll find museums, art galleries, nature experiences, attractions for the kids and much more.


We have made you an online calendar with all the events that are happening in the area. Find all the concerts, guided tours, exhibitions, events, activities and much more. The calendar is only available in Danish.

Do you like outdoor activities?

If you love the outdoor life, you will love the area around of Mariager Fjord. There is so much great nature to experience. Here we have gathered some of it:

> Out in the nature <

Fishing – Seatrout Mariagerfjord

Mariager Fjord has fishing water i world class. Here you can find good fishing spots, good advice and facts, and knowledge about protected areas, rules and laws about fishing.

Rold Skov

Rold Skov (forest) is the perfect place for during activities in the nature. Get some inspiration for hiking routes and bicycle trails, MTB, hunting for mushrooms and fun activities for the kids.

Climbing in the woods

Get your feet of the ground and go climbing in Uncle Toms Climbing Park in Østerskoven in Hobro. You’re guaranteed a good time and all the different severities will not just challenge you, it will also bring excitement to you and your friends.

Going biking

Here you’ll find some great bicycle routes in the area surrounding Mariager Fjord. Try “Route 32” – the route will take you all the way around Mariager Fjord – here you are guaranteed many great nature experiences.

Kayak, Stand Up Paddling, Canoe etc.

Mariager Fjord is a perfect place for water sport activities! The steady water gives you the best conditions and whether you are a beginner or more experienced in water sports, you are guaranteed a wonderful day at sea.

Harbors by Mariager Fjord and the east coast

Mariager Fjord and the east coast has about 10 unique and charming harbors

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- the city of roses.

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