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Homestead of the vikings


Vikingecenter Fyrkat

Hobro is an exciting city full of art and culture to explore. Hobro is the homestead of the Vikings and there has been made several archeological founds from the Viking age in the area. At Vikingecenter Fyrkat you can see a reconstruction of a Viking village and several times during the year, you can meet “real” Vikings at Fyrkat.

Hobro is also known for its Culture Wharf where you can explore exciting places like Hobro Wharf and Maritime Culture Center, Himmerlands Teater, GASmuseet, Lystfartøjsmuseet (yachtin museum), art galleries and exhibitions and at least but not last the spectacular view of Mariager Fjord.

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Attractions in Hobro

In Hobro there is a lot to see – pay a visit to Fyrkat, the old wharf, GASmuseum and much more

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The Vikings of Hobro

The Vikings are coming!

As you may know, Hobro is homestead of the Vikings. Several times during the year, you can experience a lot of Viking activities in the city. Most of them are taking place at Vikingecenter Fyrkat, but there are also things happening other places in the area. Every year during the first ...

Fyrkat Viking Center

Vikingecenter Fyrkat consists of the historic ringfort Fyrkat and the Viking Farmstead, which is 9 reconstructed houses, that together constitute a large Viking property. Both dwelling houses and workshops are built of oak timber with mud-and-wattle walls and thatched roof. The Viking farm...

Hobro - Homestead of the Vikings

At the inner part of Mariager Fjord lies Hobro, the largest town in the Mariagerfjord municipality. Hobro is known for its Viking fortress Fyrkat, which was erected a thousand years ago a few kilometers outside of the town. Here, too, lies the Viking Center Fyrkat - a reconstruction of a V...

More of Hobro…

Hobro has a lot to offer! Explore the beautiful nature, see all the incredible art and have a good time exploring the many cultural activities that the city has to offers.  

The CultureWharf in Hobro

Experience great culture, art and history at the harbor in Hobro. We call it “The Culture Wharf” and there is a reason for that! The harbor in Hobro has always been the place to go for experiences and a good time – and it still is!

Art and culture in Hobro

Hobro is a city full of art and culture – here are some of the great things that you have to see

Maritime Culture Center and Hobro Shipyard

Experience a working shipyard The Maritime Culture center is a brand new attraction linking to the 170 year old shipyard for wooden ships in Hobr...

Bies Brewery (Bies Bryghus)

Unique beer of high quality from Danish micro breweries has not become popular without reason. And what is then more obvious than re-establishing one ...

UGE33 - Arts and Crafts Exhibition

Every year in week 33 the crafts and art exhibition ”UGE33” comes to ‘Det Røde Pakhus’ in Hobro. The exhibition comes every year and 2018 was the 15 ...

Explore the beautiful nature of Hobro

Go on a hike, go kayaking or go climbing in the tree tops – in Hobro you can do it all!

Bramslev Bakker

Bramslev Bakker is a 300 hectares preserved area right by Mariager Fjord , with access through marked paths.  The view from the parking place at Bramslev Bakker is one of the most spectacular sights in Nothern Jutland. The steep slopes are an abrupt distinction from the more level and h...

Østerskoven i Hobro

In the forest of "Østerskoven", the trees are large and majestic. The forest is a hilly terrain situated close to Mariager Fjord. The paths are well m...

Fyrkatstien og Vesterfjord

Fyrkatstien er en skøn naturrute, der forbinder Hobro  Centrum med Vikingecenter Fyrkat .  På ruten kan I opleve et fantastisk naturområde med sø...

The Panorama Trail in Mariagerfjord

The PANORAMA-trail - The most beautiful walking trail in Denmark The walking trail between Hobro  and Bramslev Bakker  is the first trail in D...

Sheltersite at Ørnedalsbugten, Hobro

Nature Camp at Ørnedalsbugten close to Hobro - a cheap accomodation alternative! The camp is located in the forest of Østerskoven, on the south...