Memorial of WW2 resistance fighter

Memorial of a former citizen.

This monument was raised in honour of the former cittzen of Løgstør Jørgen Christian Jensen. The mounoment was unveiled on November 11th 2006 at 11 am. The precise time was chosen in orden to mark the connedtion Jørgen Christian Jensen had with World War 1 which ended at that exact moment i 1918.
Jørgen Christian Jensen was born in Løgstør i 1891 and when he was 16 he went sailing. He ended up in Australien where he settled down and found work. He enrolled in the Australien army in 1915 and was sent in battle shortly thereafter.
April 2nd 1917 became a unique day, both in Danish warhistiory and certainly in the life of the young Danish-Australien. Along with five buddies Jørgen Christian Jensen smuck up to an enemy unit of around 50 or 60 men.
One of his buddies shot the man working the unit´s machinegun and Jørgen Christian Jensen threw a handgranate. Following this, Jørgen Christian Jensen, armed with a granate in each hand, forced the enemy unit and the one next to it to surrender.
Based on this accomplishment Jørgen Christian Jensen was awarded the Victoria Cross, the highest British military-order which is awarded for great bravery in the presense of the enemy. The Vitoria Cross was presented by the English King George V.
Towards the end of the war the former citizen of Løgstør was wounded and returned to Australien. Jørgen Christian Jensen got maried and had various small jobs until he died in 1922 - in part as a consequence of the serious injuries he suffered during the war.
He was burried as a hero in Adelaide where several hundred people atteded the funeral.