Panoramaruten -et hvil med smuk udsigt
Hiking on the


Panorama-ruten i Bramslev Bakker

Hiking routes at Mariager Fjord

Mariagerfjord is the perfect place if you want to go hiking on your holiday or just want to enjoy the Danish nature by foot. Beside all the great activities and attractions in Mariagerfjord, there are also many hiking adventures for you to explore!


At Mariager Fjord, the most beautiful fjord in Denmark, you’ll find the first certified hiking route in Denmark, the PANORAMA-route. The hiking route is truly unique and amazing as it follows the fjord, going up hills and passing through the juniper landscape where sheeps, horses and cattle grass. Besides the PANORAMA-route there are also other lovely and enjoyable hiking routes, that takes you out into the woods, alongside the fjord, through meadows and so on. On this site you can get some more information about the best hiking routes in Mariagerfjord.


Here you will also find some guided hiking tours, where the guide will take you on a wonderful excursion where you can learn more about the impressive nature.

Put on your hiking boots and go! :)


Hiking routes

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